Vibration sensor NVA/S3 PLd

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NVA 115 x A 0 0 2 S0 S1 V1 N 01
The sensor system is intended as a component for use e.g. in wind power plants to measure and... more
Product information "Vibration sensor NVA/S3 PLd"

The sensor system is intended as a component for use e.g. in wind power plants to measure and evaluate vibrations in the mast head. Registration of dynamic accelerations by means of MEMS sensors (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) with subsequent digitisation by a controller. The device consists of an acceleration sensor, a controller unit and three types of output interface. The main feature is two safety switching contacts (potential-free), which can be used e.g. in the safety chain to undertake safety shut-off in the event of excessively high acceleration values. Data output is carried out via the CANopen interface. The standard or the safety profile can be selected. There are additionally two analogue outputs 4 ... 20 mA, which can be optionally assigned to two of the three measurement axes. Thanks to its high resistance to vibration and shock, the sensor is suitable for use in areas with rough environmental conditions. Electrical connection is carried out using two or three connectors.

Product category: Vibration sensors
Interface: Analogue, CANopen, CANopen Safety, Relais
Housing material: Aluminium Druckguss ADC 12
Special feature: SIL2/PLd
Design: 115 mm, 120 mm
Number of switching outputs: 0, 1, 2
Measuring range: 2 g = approx. 20 m/s² (higher values on request)
Number of frequency ranges: Please specify in the remark field.
Profile: Certification in preparation, Certified as per the data in this data sheet, Not certified
Number of analogue outputs: Please specify in the remark field.
Electrical connection: 1x device connector M12, 4/5-pin, 2x device connector M12, 4/5-pin, 3x device connector M12, 4/5-pin
Galvanic seperation: -UB = CAN_GND = screen/housing, -UB = CAN_GND ǂ screen/housing, -UB ǂ CAN_GND ǂ screen/housing (recommended)
Electrical and/or mechanical variant: Standard
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