Draw-wire linear transducer SWM

Draw-wire linear transducer SWM
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SWM B 1 01
Please note that this product is an accessory. In the "Products" section you will find the... more
Product information "Draw-wire linear transducer SWM"

Please note that this product is an accessory. In the "Products" section you will find the corresponding encoders that you can order for your selected article. 

The linear movement of a flexible steel cable, which can have a length of up to 5 m, is converted into an rotary movement with the aid of a measuring drum. The measuring drum is connected to the shaft of an encoder. In this way a change in displacement of the measuring cable causes the shaft of the encoder to rotate by a directly proportional amount which can be recorded. The restoring force of the spring drive holds the measuring cable tight at all times and prevents any sagging which would otherwise induce an error. The cable is wound up precisely and reproducibly wrap for wrap in the helical groove of the drum. The nozzle, through which the cable enters the drum, is protected with a brush and a bellow to prevent water or dust entering the drum. Two roller units at the cable entry allow for up to 20° <) deflection of the cable.

Product category: Draw-wire sensors
Measuring ranges available for ordering: 0-5000 mm
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