Switching cam encoder NOCN/S3 PLd

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NOCN 58 K A 2 4096 R 16 S0 S1 V1 N 01
This involves a play-free electronic switching cam encoder (abbreviated to: NOCN) with two (At... more
Product information "Switching cam encoder NOCN/S3 PLd"

This involves a play-free electronic switching cam encoder (abbreviated to: NOCN) with two (At version 79 four) galvanically separated switching outputs (cams), which can be set by the customer and which are activated or deactivated depending on the relevant position of the drive shaft. An absolute mulitturn encoder with CANopen interface, adjustable parameters and an electronic switching cam module is realized in the compact housing. A separate controller unit monitors the function of the cams. The encoder's CANopen position signal and the switching outputs can be parameterised separately. The parameterisation (cam limits, resolution, measuring range a.s.o.) has to be verified to the NOCN via a checksum. This checksum can be calculated by a TWK program or the standard algorithm recommended by the CiA. After verification the device can be set operational. Preset and resolution of the position signal also influence the cams which refer to the position signal. Parameterisation is carried out via the relevant CANopen objects in accordance with the encoder profile according to CiA, DS 406, revision 4.01.

Product category: Switching cam encoders
Interface: CANopen Safety, Relais
Single- or Multiturn: Multiturn
Design: 58 mm, 64 mm, 65 mm, 66 mm, 79 mm
Special feature: PLd
Flange and shaft: Clamped flange, shaft 10 mm with feather key, Clamped flange, shaft 10 mm with flattened area, Clamped flange, shaft 12 mm for measurement gear ZRS, Clamped flange, shaft 12 mm with feather key, Clamped flange, shaft 12 mm with flattened area, Synchroniser flange, shaft 12 mm with feather key
Number of switching outputs: 2 switching outputs SIL2. With NOCN79: Up to 4 switching outputs SIL2
Housing material: Aluminium, Stainless steel 1.4305, Stainless steel 1.4404
Resolution: 4096 = 12-bit. 8192 also possible. With NOCN79: 16.384 (14-bit) and 32.768 (15-bit)
Code type: Binary, Slewing ring functionality (only with NOCN without switching contacts)
Measuring range: 16 revolutions, 256 revolutions, 4096 revolutions
Profile: CANopen safety profile and SIL2 switching outputs, if available, CANopen standard profile and SIL2 switching outputs
Electrical connection: 1 connection, 2 connections, 3 connections, Cable, 1m, radial (other lengths on request) , Device connector M12, radial , Via cable 1 m, axial (with NOCN79 only on request), Via device connector M12, axial (with NOCN79 only on request)
Galvanic seperation: -UB = CAN_GND = screen/housing, -UB = CAN_GND ǂ screen/housing, -UB ǂ CAN_GND ǂ screen/housing (recommended)
Electrial and/or mechanical variant: Like standard but with shaft sealing ring, Standard
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