Rotary encoder TRK38/S3 SIL2

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TRK 38 S A 65536 R S3 T1 K 01
Robust aluminium housing - stainless steel shaft - magnetical sensor system - electrical... more
Product information "Rotary encoder TRK38/S3 SIL2"

Robust aluminium housing - stainless steel shaft - magnetical sensor system - electrical connection via cable output. In the model series TRK absolute encoders, the EtherCAT interface is integrated according to IEC 61158-2 to 6 and encoder profile CiA DSP406. To achieve the SIL2 level, the TRK/S3 contains a redundant sensor system and additional internal monitoring mechanisms as well as safe communication via the FSoE (failsave over EtherCAT) protocol. The FSoE protocol is implemented according to the Safety over EtherCAT specification ETG.5100 version 1.2.0. The detailed description of the integratioin and commissioning in an EtherCAT network

Product category: Rotary encoders
Inkremental or absolute: Absolute
Interface: EtherCAT FSoE
Single- or Multiturn: Singleturn
Flange shape: 38 mm
Special feature: SIL2/PLd, Speed monitoring
Housing material: Aluminium
Flange and shaft: Synchroniser flange, shaft 6 mm with hole for threaded pin
Resolution: 65536 steps/360° <)
Code type: Binary
Profile: FSoE, non-certified sample devices, FSoE, SIL2-certified
Electrical connection: 1x M12 plug, 12-pin, A-coded, axial
Electrical and/or mechanical variant: Standard
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