Rotary encoder TRN79/R2 redundant

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TRN 79 K 4096 S1 A R 4096 R2 C3 V1 N 01
Robust housing (wall thicknesses up to 5mm) made of seawater-resistant aluminium AlMgSi1 -... more
Product information "Rotary encoder TRN79/R2 redundant"

Robust housing (wall thicknesses up to 5mm) made of seawater-resistant aluminium AlMgSi1 - Stainless steel versions (1.4305 or 1.4404) as option - A common drive shaft (measuring axis) and ball bearing with shaft sealing ring - Rotor with shaft, gear and permanent magnets mounted in prechamber - Magnetic sensor elements - Detection of revolutions by absolute multi-turn gear - Redundant design (sensor, electronics and power supply), d.h. 2 autarkic nodes - The construction corresponds to category 3 according to DIN EN ISO 13849 - Protection class IP 69K (option: encapsulated housing) - Electrical connection via two connectors M12x1, 5-pin, A-coded or cable.

Product category: Rotary encoders
Inkremental or absolute: Absolute
Single- or Multiturn: Multiturn
Interface: CANopen
Design: 79 mm
Housing material: Aluminium, Stainless steel 1.4305, Stainless steel 1.4404
Flange and shaft: Clamped flange, shaft 10 mm with flattened area, Clamped flange, shaft 12 mm with feather key, Clamped flange, shaft for measurement gear ZRS
Resolution: 4096 steps/revolution, 8192 steps/revolustion, 16384 steps/revolustion
Code type: Binary
Measuring range: 4096 revolutions
Profile: Standard CANopen C3, Profil No. 4.0.2
Electrical connection: 1x Cable, 1 m, axial (1 connection, other lengths possible), 1x Cable 1 m, radial (1 connection, other lengths possible), 1x Device connector, axial (1 connection), 1x Device plug M12, radial (1 connection), 2x Cables, 1 m, axial (2 connections, other lengths possible), 2x Cables, 1 m, radial (2 connections, other lengths possible), 2x Device connectors, axial (2 connections), 2x Device plug M12, radial (2 connections)
Electrial and/or mechanical variant: Standard
Special feature: Redundant
Redundancy: Redundant autonomous sensor system
Galvanic seperation: -UB = CAN_GND = screen/housing, -UB = CAN_GND ǂ screen/housing, -UB ǂ CAN_GND ǂ screen/housing
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