Rotary encoder HBN/S3 SIL2

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HBN 58 K A 65536 R S3 S V1 N 01
A correct mechanical connection between the customer and sensor shaft ensures that the sensor... more
Product information "Rotary encoder HBN/S3 SIL2"

A correct mechanical connection between the customer and sensor shaft ensures that the sensor precisely detects the customer shaft's rotations. A safe position is provided by the plausibility check of two sensor systems. Detected errors are evaluated. The CAN interface outputs the validated position value and speed signal via the CANopen Safety protocol within an SRDO (Safety Relevant Data Object) using 2x2 messages (normal and inverted). The rotary encoder meets the conditions of safety level SIL2 according to IEC 61508 and performance level "d" according to EN13849. The prerequisite of safety-relevant operation is a failsafe master.

Product category: Rotary encoders
Inkremental or absolute: Absolute
Interface: CANopen
Single- or Multiturn: Singleturn
Design: 58 mm
Special feature: High-resolution, SIL2/PLd high-resolution
Housing material: Aluminium, Stainless steel
Flange and shaft: Clamped flange, shaft 10 mm with disk spring, Clamped flange, shaft 10 mm with feather key, Clamped flange, shaft 10 mm with flattened area, Clamped flange, shaft for measurement gear ZRS, Synchroniser flange, clamped shaft, 12 mm inside diameter , Synchroniser flange, clamped shaft, inner diameter 12 mm with groove for feather key, Synchroniser flange, shaft 6 mm with flattened area
Resolution: 65.536 (1 to 4.063.232) steps/360°
Code type: Binary
Profile: CANopen according to CIA, DS 406 revision 4.0.1, CANopen safety SIL2
Electrical connection: Kx: Cable, x: Length in m, M12 connector (bus in/bus out)
Galvanic seperation: -VS = CAN_GND = screen/housing, -VS = CAN_GND ≠ screen/housing, -VS ≠ CAN_GND ≠ screen/housing (recommended)
Electrial and/or mechanical variant: Standard
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