Rotary encoder TKN46

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TKN 46 4096 R X C2 C N 01
Recording of the angular position by means of a Hall sensor and signal processing including... more
Product information "Rotary encoder TKN46"

Recording of the angular position by means of a Hall sensor and signal processing including generation of the output signal - in addition to the angular position, a speed signal can also be output in digits / time unit - electrical connection via screw clamp (5-pin, conductor cross-section max. 0.5 mm²) or PTFE pigtail connector, 300 mm long - a CAN controller at the output enables connection to the CANopen network. According to CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile, CiA Draft Standard 301, Version 4.1 and according to Device Profile for Encoders CiA Draft Standard Proposal 406, Version 3.0 and CANopen Layer setting Services and Protocol (LSS), CiA DSP 305. In the multiturn version, the number of revolutions is recorded in a counter. The position value is saved on shutting off the supply voltage. In voltage-free condition, the position value is recorded on movement of the shaft in a range of ≤ ± 90°.

Product category: Rotary encoders
Inkremental or absolute: Absolute
Single- or Multiturn: Multiturn, Singleturn
Design: 46 mm
Resolution: 4096 steps/revolution
Code type: Binary
Profile: CANopen according to CiA, DS 406 revision 3.0
Electrical connection: Cable outlet, Screw clamps
Interface: CANopen
Electrical and/or mechanical variant: Standard
Special feature: Printed circuit board solution, Printed circuit board solution and digital multi-turn memory