Magnetostrictive displacement transducer MPK

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MPK 1 x S 001 1 M 01

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The displacement transducers operate according to the principle of run time measurement between... more
Product information "Magnetostrictive displacement transducer MPK"

The displacement transducers operate according to the principle of run time measurement between two points of a magnetostrictive waveguide. One point is determined by a moveable position ring, whose distance from the null point corresponds to the section to be measured. The run time of an emitted impulse is directly proportionate to this section. Conversion to a displacement signal takes place in the downstream electronics. The waveguide is housed in a pressure-resistant stainless steel tube or extruded profile. To the rear of this is a die-cast aluminium housing containing the electronics in SMD technology. In the rod version, the position magnet is located in a ring, which is guided over the rod without contact. In the profile version, it is located either in a slider, which is linked to the moving part of the machine via a ball joint, or it moves as a liftable position magnet, without wear, over the profile.

Product category: Linear transducers and scanners
Interface: EtherCAT
Measuring ranges available for ordering: Up to 200mm, Up to 1000 mm, Up to 2500 mm, Up to 3000 mm, Up to 7600mm
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