Inclination sensor NBT

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NBT 65 A x x x V C1 1 K 3 T 01
Registration of inclination in the gravitational field by means of MEMS sensors... more
Product information "Inclination sensor NBT"

Registration of inclination in the gravitational field by means of MEMS sensors (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System) with subsequent digitisation and linearisation via controllers. MEMS sensors are integrated circuits manufactured using silicon  bulk  micromechanical  technology.  Double  capacities are formed with the aid of moveable micromechanical structures. If these structures are deflected in the case of acceleration, e.g. gravitational acceleration (g), this results in capacity changes, which are registered and further processed using measuring technology. The output voltage follows the function U ~ g * sin α. In this case, the angle α is the sensor's inclination angle measured against the g-vector. These sensors measure precisely, have a long service life and are very robust. The measuring axes operate independently of each other. The Profinet interface according to IEC 61158 / 61784 or PNO specifications order No. 2.712 and 2.722, version 2.3, is integrated into the inclinometer series NBT.Real time classes 1 and 3 are supported, i.e. Real Time (RT) and Isochronous Real Time (IRT) plus the requirements of conformance class C.The integrated 2-fold switch enables the TWK PROFINET inclinometer to be used in star, tree and line network topologies.

Product category: Inclinometers
Design: 65 mm, 90 mm
Housing material: Aluminium AIMgSi 1, Stainless steel 1.4404
Measuring range x-axis: Please specify in the remark field.
Measuring range y-axis: Please specify in the remark field.
Measuring range z-axis: Please specify in the remark field.
Behaviour during disturbance accelerations: Standard
Profile: PROFINET with OPC UA, Standard, PROFINET
Installation position: TOP 1, TOP 2, TOP 3, TOP 4, TOP 5, TOP 6
Electrical connection: Cable outlet, Device connector M12
Electrical connection: 1 connector (1 x hybrid-connector), 2 connectors (1 x PROFINET, 1 x power supply), 3 connectors (2 x PROFINET, 1 x power supply), Enter the cable length in m in the comments field.
Interface: PROFINET
Electrial and/or mechanical variant: Standard
Special feature: PROFINET with OPC UA
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