Rotary transducers

TWK's electromagnetic and electro-optical rotary encoders are designed for measuring ranges from 0 to 360° and for a maximum of 32,768 revolutions. The miniature version with a housing diameter of 22 mm has a resolution of 12 bits. Multi turn encoders are availeable with diameters down to 36 mm.

Electronic switching cam encoder

Very robust electro magnetical encoders based on the Hall-effect with additional electronically controlled switching outputs. Two different housings are available with diameter 64 mm or 120 mm. Diameter 64 mm provides 2 and diameter 120 mm provides 4 relay outputs. The interfaces CANopen, SSI and analogue are on hand with a resolution of 4096 steps per 360 degree and a measuring range up to 4096 rotations.

Linear transducers and gauges

Travel, lengths, distances and shifts of between 1 mm to 7600 mm can be recorded using inductive or magnetostrictive linear transducers. Both sensor systems operate contact-free and are not subject to any wear.


For measuring two axes up to ±90° in the earth's gravitational field. Parameters such as the measuring range and zeroing function can be programmed in the MEMS technology-based sensor.

Acceleration Sensor

The Acceleration Sensor measures frequency spectra from 0.1 to 60 Hz on two axes. Warning and emergency stop triggers can be set according to customer requirements.

Cable Converter & Thoothed Belt

Very long measurement displacement is converted into an angle using a mechanical facility. This angle is recorded using a multiturn rotary encoder. The measurement result is proportionate to the measurement displacement. Programmable rotary encoders can be calibrated according to the actual measurement stroke. The measurement signal may be analogue or digital.


Installation accessories for rotary encoders and linear transducers, programming devices and displays

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